BDB will support businesses for technological upgrading of production facilities

BDB Leasing from the Bulgarian Development Bank Group has launched a new product for technological upgrading of...

See more ➔ 17.01.2023

BDB Leasing extends its 0% deductible project financing program

Due to increased interest, the Bulgarian Development Bank's subsidiary BDB Leasing is extending until 31 December 2022...

See more ➔ 12.07.2022

Tsanko Arabadzhiev for bTV: Our goal is to reach the people who need us

“BDB is the best-capitalized bank in Bulgaria and we have major ambitions for its development”

See more ➔ 25.05.2022

BDB program offers leasing with 0% down payment for purchase of transport vehicles

The affiliate company of the BDB, BDB Leasing, offers leasing with 0% down payment for purchase of transport vehicles...

See more ➔ 18.01.2022

BDB Leasing with a new program for financing micro, small and medium enterprises up to BGN 2.2 million.

BDB Leasing, a subsidiary of the Bulgarian Development Bank, presents a new program to support micro, small and medium...

See more ➔ 08.10.2021

BDB Leasing signs guarantee agreement with EIF under Pan-European Guarantee Fund programme

BDB Leasing has signed a guarantee agreement with the European Investment Fund (EIF) under the Pan-European Guarantee...

See more ➔ 13.07.2021

We are looking for solutions to take the business through and out of the crisis

The Bank is implementing at full speed the anti-crisis programmes it was assigned in 2020 We are looking for solutions...

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BDB’s Chief Economist: We are ahead of events and work to help people and businesses

Интересът към гаранционните програми на ББР в подкрепа на физическите лица и бизнеса е растящ, коментира в ефира на БНТ...

See more ➔ 17.12.2020

Jivko Todorov, Executive Director: BDB is effective in support and development programs

The bank has taken on the role of one of the main anti-crisis instruments of the Bulgarian government, the Executive...

See more ➔ 08.12.2020

Jivko Todorov, Executive Director of BDB: We are working on an option to re-apply for the guarantee program for individuals

ББР работи по вариант за повторно кандидатстване по антикризисната гаранционна програма за физически лица, за която...

See more ➔ 24.11.2020
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