Leasing with a Guarantee from Pan-European Guarantee Fund Programme

Ресурсът по програмата е изчерпан

BDB Leasing presents a new program to support micro, small and medium enterprises in partnership with the Pan-European Guarantee Fund. The program was set up to overcome the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and will allow companies to take advantage of easier financing conditions, longer payback periods and reduced deductible requirements.

Term for inclusion of leasing contracts in the guaranteed portfolio: until 31.12.2022.


Program parameters

For micro, small and medium enterprises

Financing up to BGN 2.2 million

0% deductible for vehicles

5% deductible for leasing other assets

Term up to 8 years

Eligible Leasing Assets

The program with a guarantee under the Pan-European Guarantee Fund is intended for the purchase of new and used:
- production machines and equipment;
-trucks and vehicles (over 3.5 tons);
- construction and agricultural machinery.

It is mandatory for the assets to be used for the economic activity of the company. The term of the leasing financing and the percentage of deductible depends on the type and age of the purchased assets.

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